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                                    Weather Talking

It has been requested of me to put the introduction to weather talking on my web site, so this is it!

First of all, please accept that I must go into a few basics about weather, spirit beings, etc.  Weather is very powerful, and the weather is controlled by spirit beings that answer to a higher calling, usually.  Storms must be storms, but they don't have to be destructive for the most part.  But sometimes they do have to be, but only in predetermended areas.  Who decides where storms are destructive?  Sometimes it's Yaweah, (the source, God, etc.), sometimes storms just be who they are because no one has requested otherwise, and sometimes storms can be 'managed' by other beings.  Those other beings are not always positive in nature, but they have seen storms as a means to weild a weapon. 

Ok, now I hope you all understand that we are energetically all one, we are connected to each and every living thing, spiritually.  Truly understanding this puts a new spin on life!  Spirit beings, the neighbor, the trees, birds, even bugs crawling along all are part of you, and me.  What I do affects everyone else, and what they do affects me.  So, expand that thought to know that the beings that 'do' the weather, are an extension of yourself.  Let that soak in a minute. 

Next step, is to then know that you have the right to request certain behaviors from the weather beings, with the understanding that what you are requesting must fall within the weather beings' abilities to do and that your request must be for the highest and best good of the most affected by the weather!  

Think about that, if it's the middle of winter and it's -40 f, it would be difficult indeed for the weather beings to bring an +80f day.  If the weather beings are bringing thunder, lightning, hail etc.--they can't just stop and go away, but they can be safe with the lightning (ie, not inturupt electical distribution, hit buildings, livestock, etc.) the wind speeds can be requested to be slower at ground level, and remain straight line only, not tornadic, etc.  The diameter of hail, ground wind speeds, rain fall amounts,etc. can all be requested of storms, with great success! 

You can request the rain to end as soon as possible, or rain to come asap, just remembering that what you're requesting affects not only you, but the folks and critters that live in your area too! 

Are you seeing the possiblities?  To get started, on a fluffy cloud day, try to play with the clouds.  Like an etch-a-scetch, draw with them, etc.  First ask that you might do so to practice, and when you're finished, thank them and release them. 

When you have success with that, start requesting rain, dry, etc for certain dates.  You may not have success always, but you will usually.  And remember that the weather beings hear everything we say, or even think, about the weather!  And like any other being, they don't enjoy being grumbled at, blaimed or scolded for being who they are.  They always comply more willingly with folks that are respectful, polite, and grateful. 

As you are practicing making your requests, also ask that you may 'talk' with the weather beings in your mind.  They are fun to chat with, and have taught me a lot about how to work with them.  Each weather pattern has it's own 'voice' and you'll find some are playful, some matter of fact, most cooperative, and once and a while a 'surly' one.  Those I usually ask if someone negative is trying to influence them.  If it's yes, and it usually is, I bind and have removed the negative entities trying to control that weather pattern. 

How do you bind and remove?  I ask you to refer to my angel's book offered on another page in this website. 

If you have any questions, you can reach me at and I'll be happy to share what I can to help.