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a lesson learned

Posted by Lorna Jean Banks on December 7, 2010 at 7:49 AM Comments comments (2)

Hi everyone, well they say assention is upon us, and if so, it feels like serious growing pains to me!  And the laughable part is that the lessons I've been learning are ones I knew when I was child, but have forgotten on the paths I've chosen in life since. 


This latest lesson is to trust that my needs will be met.  To go about my life as if all is taken care of, and that projects and jobs started will somehow get finished.  I don't have to know how, just believe that the people, tools and supplies, and ideas will come as needed and do what needs, the end result is there! 


I learned this dealing with frozen water pipes that broke.  I didn't know who to call, how to pay, etc.  But over the last 3 days, the Universe brought 3 special people, the supplies, and the price and money that the work is paid for, I have water in my home again, and I'm running around, 'I get it!'.  


Trust, be open to see what's happening to help, praise, and trust!  Sounds very simple, and it really is if you can get fears, angst, etc. out of the way first!   I thought I'd share this with everyone.  Learning is important, even at my age!