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                                          Here is my book, and what it's about

Sorry about the flash washout, but this book is a simple workbook on beginning dowsing, protections, finding your free will positive angels and more!  It is meant to be taught, but can be thoughtfully gone through as a work book.  For those who have this book, I'd enjoy a discussion of it on the blog page!  I'll share news here about classes as I offer them. 

Every chapter covers a different topic from what you'll find, to finally how to use what you've learned.  I won't describe more, but a simple dowsing rod or bobber is all you'll need beside this book to become a confident and competent dowser.  

To order just email me at and ask to have a paypal invoice sent to you.  I'm asking $12.50 a copy plus $5 for postage.  Whether you're new to angels or dowsing, or an old hand, I know you'll find solid, helpful information in this simple manuscript.