the life of a spiritual wanderer

metaphysics, angels, dowsing, and so much more

                      Welcome to all the Wanderers on this wonderful planet!

      Some years ago I learned I was a wanderer and that there are a few out there besides myself.  If you're wondering what a wanderer is, it's a soul that's been 'called back' from retirement, or near retirement to assist this planet and times.  We usually tend  to live solitary or very quiet lives and in rural or small towns.  Quiet, unassuming, and busy as little beavers in the asteral plane! 

      This is a site dedicated to all of us, and I hope you call it home as I do!  Ask your questions, hopefully find peace and answers, and while you're here know that you really aren't alone.  Energetically we all know each other, and help and support each other!  So dive in, help yourself, and leave a token of your arrival. 

      One thing I've noticed about wanderers is that they are very creative, and have hobbies or even professions that let them create lovely things.  Some work with wood, some fibers, some cook, some write or sing, etc.  Most all tend to the natural and some supernatural but in a positive way. 

       The way you can tell a wanderer?  Look into the eyes.  Eyes are the mirror of the soul, and when you truly look into a wanderer's eyes, you see age and wisdom so deep it's hard to get back again.  But really, when two wanderers meet, they usually recognize each other right away!  This has happened to me more often lately, as wanderers are getting together a bit more often for support and strength.  And oh, how the universe lights up when I do meet another!  What fun we have, and so hate to 'leave' as it were!  Namaste, Lorna Jean

       Well, this site is still a quiet secret, but watch out!  The times are changing and so will this site.  I've been going through a transformation spiritually, and have some new paths to follow.  This is where I'll anounce the new as it arrives.  Watch, and wait with bated breath, great things are on the horizen!   Lorna Jean